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Newsy News?

So over on Social Media I have been talking a lot about a topic very important to me as a person and as a professional but haven't brought the conversation here yet.

So this is just a brief note with some links to my videos to let y'all know I'm going to be talking a lot more, on all my platforms, about sexual assault, trauma and mental illness.

I know. I'm an RMT. My scope of practice is the body not the mind and I have no business talking about these subjects. Thing is, as a regulated health care provider, I am responsible for caring for your health. All of it. And caring for all of your health is not the same as treating problems outside of my scope. As an RMT I can not counsel you on your anxiety or depression, I can't help you develop coping skills for PTSD or learn how to live with bipolar disorder. But as a HCP, I have a responsibility to be aware of these conditions and to conduct myself in such a way as to not inflict harm. It's kinda the first promise we make as carers, to CARE for you and your health and to do no harm. Right? Right.

Some RMTs focus on prenatal care even though they are not OB-GYNs. Some RMTs focus on neurological disorders even though they are not neurologists. Some RMTs focus on cancer care even though they are not oncologists.

This RMT focuses on mental health even though she is not a psychotherapist.

I am an ally. And as such this is the promise I am making: you are welcome to my practice and I will always remain dedicated to providing to you the best service I can, to help you feel well within your body AND, when I am worried about your mental health status, to communicate such to you and help you find the right helpers for whatever you may be facing down.

You're not in it alone.

A note about the videos: while I do not explicitly discuss sexual assault, the focus is on how we as health care providers can (and must) do better to handle disclosures of sexual assault in our treatment rooms. If you've had the displeasure of disclosing to a health care provider an experience of sexual assault and they mishandled it, I am sorry and move with whatever caution you need re: the videos.

In May I will be sharing videos about how RMTs specifically can prevent sexual assault and misconduct in their treatment rooms and foster a practice that is safe for both patients and practitioners. I hope you will join me in the conversation.

As well as that I am working on developing a movement program called Kindness in Motion. I am setting up to launch it over the summer from July 8 to the end of August. If all goes well it may well become a regular offering to the fine city of Hamilton Ontario. But that's it for now! Stay tuned if this is of interest to you.

Jen <3

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