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I value our time!

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice your card will be charged. If I cancel with less than 24 hours notice your will be rescheduled at NO COST to you. Fair is fair.

Credit Card on File

A credit card is required on file to book your appointments. This is to demonstrate your commitment to our scheduled appointment and protect my time in the event you are unable to attend. Your card is protected according to Canadian privacy standards and will not be used without your knowledge.

No Tipping!

I do not accept tips! I do love compliments though. Share the love; tell your friends, family, co-workers or the whole internet about your amazing experience with me!

Stay home when sick

If you are ill please refrain from attending the studio. Masks are always available for added protection. The cancellation policy still applies. Can't come to your appointment? Send someone in your place to avoid the charge!

Not Chatty?
No Problem!

This is your appointment time. Conversation is kept to a minimum. If you want to chat, strike up a talk otherwise enjoy your quiet time.

You are empowered!

Please advocate for yourself. The more you tell me about your experience the more able I am to meet your needs. Too hot? Tell me! Too cold? Tell me! Don't like the way I am touching you? TELL ME! I want to know because I want to support YOU. Help me help you and speak up <3

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