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How Kindness in Motion Came To Be

Kindness in motion arrived in my life after a period of deep questioning... why couldn't I stick to any kind of exercise or yoga practice!? Why would I fail continuously, two or three weeks in to every program? What was it that made commitment such a challenge? The answer that came surprised me and yet, made so much perfect sense. I didn't stick to it because I grounded the practices in unworthiness.

I chose to do yoga so I could get the yoga body, be beautiful and loved.

I chose to lift weights so I could get strong and "be the new skinny", and loved.

I was so so so mean to me. And no wonder I wouldn't stick to it; how well does anyone stick to something that they inflict on themselves as punishment? I never stuck to them because they were grounded in the belief that I wasn't good enough as I was, that I wasn't worthy of my own effort. And this? Well it's Just. Not. True.

So then I asked myself, what would be the antidote? And Kindness in Motion was conceived.


Kindness in Motion is for people who feel too stiff for yoga, too tired for the gym and too anxious to relax in a massage. Its for people who are carrying many burdens who just want an hour to themselves to do the care work they need, without the costs of the massage therapists clinic or intimidation of the yoga studio or gym. Whatever kind of body you have, what ever kind of comfortable clothing you have, whatever day-to-day grind you are coming away from, Kindness in Motion is here as a refuge for you to just check in with you.

By using gentle, deep stretching and exploring your own personal mobility you can address areas of chronic tension, discomfort and stiffness. With continued practice, over 8 weeks you will have gained the skills to listen to your body and respond appropriately, kindly and compassionately.

Kindness in Motion is mindful. It's a way of paying compassionate attention to how your body feels, and responding to what you need. Embracing your body sensations means you are better able to provide for yourself what you need, where and when you need it. Through Kindness in Motion we can learn the language of our body's and carry our side of the conversation.


Since grounding myself in the concept of Kindness in Motion I've been able to maintain all of the ways I move my body. I have recommitted myself to my love of cycling. I find myself savouring walking and hiking. When I notice I need to stretch and rest, I stretch and rest and relish the sensation of caring for my body this way. I have even begun weight lifting again after 7 years away from it. But most importantly? Recognizing the ways I was using movement as punishment, and recognizing that I measured the value of my practices by the supposed aesthetic they might give me has enabled me to develop an ever healthier relationship with myself. By honouring my body's needs FIRST, and centering my work in Kindness to myself first, the rest has been able to flow forward from there.


Want to join me on your Kind Movement Journey?

Visit to learn more details and register.

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