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Jen Fleming RMT

You've been pushing so long you can't remember the last time you let go. Your priority list of very important things is forever-long and your name is somewhere at the bottom. You're tired. Bone tired. You're weary from the days of keeping up and keeping pace and holding everything in. Your body feels like a too-tight suit and longs to be allowed to stretch out, unclench and let go. Your aching neck and shoulders want only to lay your head back, put down your burdens and allow someone else to care for a while.




Are You Experiencing Pandemic Related
Stress & Trauma?

Covid-19 has added so much additional stress to our lives. For front-line workers such as EMT's, teachers, healthcare workers at every level, the amount of stress and trauma that's been experienced is unprecedented.


Trauma-Sensitive  Massage Therapy Can Help.

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