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Trauma-Sensitive Massage Therapy

Covid-19 has brought an incredible amount of stress into our lives. Dealing with lockdowns, adjusting to new work and school situations and worrying about keeping ourselves safe have added many new worries into our lives.

For front-line workers such as EMT's, teachers, healthcare workers at every level, the amount of stress and trauma that's been experienced is unprecedented. 

Signs you may be dealing with Trauma

  • Difficulty resting, sleeping, or relaxing

  • Persistent muscle tension especially in the neck, shoulders, back, and jaw

  • Tension headaches

  • Jaw clenching and pain


How massage therapy can help

  • Time dedicated to rest, recovery, health and well-being

  • Relieve muscle pain and tension

  • Address jaw pain and persistent headaches

  • Collaborative care strategies to meet your needs for rest

Trauma-Informed Care

  • Sensitive to and aware of the impacts of distant past and recent trauma

  • Aware of the impacts of ACEs

  • Collaboration, communication, empowerment

  • Resist re-traumatization

  • Co-create safety



If you are interested in massage therapy to help with the trauma of the pandemic, fill out the form below to book a discovery call.

Please note: completing the form does not mean an appointment is set. I will reach out to you to confirm details. 

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