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Hello 2024, Please be gentle!

Today is January 1, 2024. I just got some finishing touches put on my office space (as much as I could, I still need to get a piece or two of art for some of the wall space) and it's feeling pretty homey. The plants are happy and the room smells fresh and GREEN when you walk in. It's delightful.

Between running around and completely ignoring my work life, I spent time reflecting on 2023. For the most part it was a pretty neutral year. I'm grateful. There were ups and downs but they were more like rolling hills. I am smarter and stronger now and have learned to recognize when I am pushing myself to hard and to either back off or make space for recovery. So you could say I managed well.

Professionally I would say I have finally found my way to my groove. It will take a bit longer for it to settle into place but I am more myself now than I have been for a few years and this stability made it possible for me to do what had been almost unthinkable 4 years ago. I opened my studio at 201 James St S in Hamilton ON on October 1st and it's worked out. I'm actually a little surprised it worked out as well as it did and for that I owe gratitude.

Thank you to the people who believed in me even when I was in the absolute pits of my anxiety. Thank you to the business women who replied to my anxious texts in the mornings before I went to work and reminded me that I am far more capable than I realize. You were the sugar in my coffee.

Thank you to the patients who have stuck with me and took the leap into this new venture. Your commitment to your therapy and to me made the transition actually painless. You showed me I really don't need to be quite so afraid of this. Thank you thank you thank you.

And lastly, thank you to me. If it weren't for my ambition, my commitment to my growth, and my unwavering faith that I really do deserve to have the things I want and need in my life and I deserve my own efforts to get them I wouldn't have tried. Thank you to the business coaches I worked with in the summer of 2023 who helped me see myself more clearly and develop a business plan and direction to follow.

May 2024 be gentle on us all and may we all discover that which we need to accomplish our goals.

Happy New Year Hamilton! Let's rock this joint!

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