Jen Fleming RMT has been a practicing registered massage therapist for 10 years in Hamilton Ontario primarily focused on helping people live well with pain. Over the last 5 years, her attention has been turned toward the intersections of mental health disorders and physical health problems. Anxiety, depression, and trauma are closely associated with increased risk of developing persisting pain problems. No stranger to these relationships in her own life, Jen has been learning about what pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma are, and how they influence each other. Most importantly, Jen has been trying to find the answer to the question: how do we live well with these problems and, if possible, over come them?

In the last year Jen has been focusing on Trauma-Informed Care and how this approach can impact patient care for the better. By working with attention to the possibility of trauma being part of the patient story - spoken or not - we change the question of "what is wrong with you?" to "what happened to you?" This shift may seem subtle but is monumental. Trauma-Sensitivity in massage therapy ensures the RMT remains curious about the larger story their patients live with and is open to the possibility of there being more to the person's pain picture. Practicing in a Trauma-Informed Care system enables the practitioner to see where other supports may be needed and to facilitate their patient getting all the help they can/need to move forward through their lives. 

In addition to learning about the larger psycho-social contexts a person lives in, Jen has acquired training in treating TMJD/jaw pain and headache. She has been learning more about the science of how pain works in our bodies and how our interactions with bodies living in pain can modulate or change pain perceptions and in some cases, stop pain in it's tracks.

Jen's practice is located at MMD Chiropractic Health Centre in West Hamilton, ON.

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